Certificate of Authenticity

aGQa’s patented web solutions centers around the creation of an authentic birth certificate™

  • aGQa is a patented, web based business communication and control platform that offers a multitude of sales, inventory management and marketing opportunities for Suppliers, Retailers and Consumers; initially brought together via an authentic birth certificate™. Watch the video.
  • Each abc™ is automatically customized to reflect item description color, cut, clarity, etc.
  • The abc™ can be created at the manufacturer, supplier or retail level and the accuracy of the description is underwritten by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company from $10,000 and up to $300,000 per item (for 90 days from sale date).
  • When the individual item is purchased, its corresponding abc™ is provided to the consumer automatically as an e-document or as an optional hard card format.
  • This official abc™ document is then uploaded to the consumers online storage Vault.
  • Consumers may forward the abc™ to their insurance provider.
  • Platform includes consumer personal online storage vault — unlimited storage for all certifications, non-aGQa docs, images, etc. — all included for the consumer at no charge to the consumer.
  • Instant notification of sales at retail and supplier level by store, SKU, salesperson.
  • Web based incentive rewards program for retail or supplier sales personnel — totally customizable.
  • Collects data of every registered consumer.

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